Mental Health Services 

Therapy is a place to vent, reflect & connect 

Our teams tries to provide each client with a therapist suited to their needs and their interactional styles. The sessions happen online in safe confidential spaces. 

Even if you are not sure about therapy, check out 'Do I need Therapy?'  


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or 'Why do I have to pay to talk to a therapist?'

Relaxation sessions 

when you sign up for therapy sessions


List of Services 


Individual therapy 

one - on - one online sessions for conditions such as:

  • depression,

  • anxiety,

  • extreme mood swings or self - harm 

  • Overcoming trauma

  • eating problems,

  • drugs & alcohol related issues

  • compulsive buying, gaming or internet use 

  • self - esteem issues 

  • identity related issues

  • to deal with difficult circumstances 

Couples therapy 

This form of therapy requires partners to attend sessions together. Some of the issues addressed are:


  • Premarital counselling 

  • Marital enrichment therapy 

  • Building intimacy 

  • Dealing with infidelity

  • Parenting 

  • Coping with major life transitions 

Couples Therapy

Psychiatric consultation 

Dr. Abhilash Balakrishnan 

does consultations to discuss medications as well as to review symptoms & histories for second opinions. 

Doctor's Desk

Family therapy 

This form of therapy believes that everyone in the family has a part to play in the problems that are arising. It needs all or most members of a family to participate in sessions.

Some of the reasons to start family sessions are: 

  • Family conflict 

  • When one person's symptoms are continuing or worsening because of family dynamics 

  • To change unhealthy family patterns 

  • To strengthen bonds 

Group Therapy

Child & Adolescent Clinic

Our services include: 

  • Assessments of autism, attention deficit, hyperactivity, learning difficulties

  • Management of behavioural issues such as fussy eating, tantrums, oppositional behavior

  • Management of anxiety 

  • Management of emotional problems

  • Therapy using art/ play 

  • Work with parents to help them address the child's difficulties 

  • Individualised education plans 

Autism Therapy

Low fee clinic 

Our therapists have slots to accomodate those who cannot afford full rates due to unemployment or student status or other difficulties.

A waitlist applies when slots for low fee clients are filled up 

Girl in Therapy