Therapists' Growth Initiatives 

Support Group

Reflective Practice Groups 

These are online groups being held fortnightly for one hour. 

The groups enable looking inwards into our own histories, biases and defenses. Deep reflection and discussion are facilitated on various themes and how our selves play out in therapy rooms.


Dates for the next group are:

11th & 25th March; 8th and 22nd April, 6 - 7 pm    

Peer Supervision Groups 

Therapists at Therapeute attend weekly peer supervision groups where we discuss our experiences and challenges. The groups provide multidisciplinary & multidimensional perspectives on case management. 

At present, these groups are open to therapists affiliated with Therapeute. You can register your interest if you would like to be a part of a peer supervision group

Therapy Session
Therapy Session

One on one Supervision

Our founders provide supervision to beginner therapists that helps them reflect and develop their unique style in therapy. The supervision is growth - oriented and reflective in its approach. 

Reading groups 

These in-house groups help the team discuss psychological concepts through a reflective lens. Therapists bring to the group their experiences of reading the text in light of their life & work with clients.