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Do I need therapy? 

Well, as someone who has dealt with heartbreak, loss, betrayal and failure, I would say that everyone has times in their life when they need therapy. Even in our most composed and together moments, we may be tormented in our own minds and it may help to sit with a therapist to help sift through our thoughts.

There can be 5 generic situations where it might be useful to find a therapist:

Image by Max Böhme

Major Life Changes

These can be breakups, divorce and even the current pandemic. These could also be apparently positive events, such as marriage or move to a new city, which may be stressful.

Dealing with a loss

As we move forward in life, we suffer big and small losses - loss of a dream, loss of a relationship, or the loss of person. Mourning and making sense of our losses in therapy, may make the journey forward easier.

Image by Lala Azizli
Couple Holding Hands

Managing Relationships

Relationships tend to fall into patterns of pulling and pushing that don't work. Therapy with couples and families help them come into a (online) space together to talk through their patterns and feelings.

Understanding Ourselves

We might want to be in therapy to help peel the layers of ourselves and discover ourselves, build love for ourselves and cope better with life's challenges.

Image by Philipp Kämmerer
Image by Stefano Pollio

To help with a mental disorder

Some issues that may benefit from psychological interventions include depression, suicidality, anxiety, substance abuse, self - harm, eating disorders, personality disorders, among others.

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