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Self Care 

Putting ourselves first and taking care of ourselves is the first step in mental health care. 

This means we have to listen to our minds & bodies: 

Do we feel stressed or anxious or sad?

Where do we feel it? 

What does it feel like? 

Now acknowledge your emotions and acknowledge everything that has been happening around you that has led to this emotion. 

Image by kyle smith

Focus on your body

  •  Eat lighter food, drink more water and sleep enough. If heavy foods and sweets have left you feeling upset, becoming more aware of what your body is telling you could be the key to self care. Start paying attention to when you are hungry and choose lighter alternatives.  

  • Exercise: Starting to move can have remarkable effects on mental health. If you haven't moved for a long time, a short walk everyday with a song you love, is great way of starting. Exercise boosts endorphins which are happy hormones, which boost feelings of well - being.  

Self - care during lockdown

  • Stay in Touch : We all have social needs, to varying degrees. It might help to acknowledge that you need more support and socialisation. Express your need for connection. Please who care for us will respond to our needs, so don't be afraid of asking for more phone calls  ! 

  • Social media: Watch how social media and the news is making you feel. If it makes you feel sad, upset, hopeless, anxious, guilty etc., it's time for a detox. Go offline for a few days.  

Do one thing everyday that makes you laugh. Here are a few that you could use: 

  1. Dance. In front of mirror, in a silly ridiculous manner, to a song you could never admit to liking

  2. Sing. Loudly, not bothering about how you sound.

  3. Read something that relaxes your mind. Like a comic book or a magazine 

  4. Play games that make you happy. Our personal favourite is candy crush! or monopoly deal! 

  5. Pamper yourself: Take a shower with the music turned up, have a foot soak or put on a face mask. 

Image by Patrick Malleret
Image by Jackson David

Self care can look like different things for different people 

What kind of self - care do you need 

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