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Upcoming Events 2022

Support Group for Mental Health Concerns​​

We are at present running support groups every week that provide safe spaces where a variety of topics get discussed. Every week the group gets together to address a difficult conversation in an effort to help each other grow and learn in a supportive, safe environment.  Join us for the next one!



Dr. Abhilash Balakrishnan will address the process of moving from India to Australia for psychiatrists. Event on 12th August, 2022. 

Register here.

Beach Ball


A support group for picking up emotional regulation and crisis management skills. To be initiated in September.

Schema Therapy workshop 

Join Dr. Hargun Ahluwalia for introduction to Schema Therapy- open only for mental health professionals. Join us on 26th August, 2022. 

Click to register.


Past Events of  2021

Image by Zach Vessels

Feelings: Unfiltered

9th Jan 2021

Sharing our experiences with each other to process grief, loneliness and anxiety ...

Relaxation & Mindfulness skills 

12th Jan 2021

Short training workshops to learn how to cope better 

Image by Bekir Dönmez
Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Unfiltered Feelings: Gratitude

15th Jan 2021

Symposium on "A model of online mental health service delivery”

Our founders presented a symposium in the prestigious National Annual Conference of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists. The theme of the conference was  “Digital Interventions, Challenges and Perspectives: Newer Frontiers in Clinical Psychology” where the founders presented Therapeute as one of  fore runners in developing an online mental health service delivery model in India. 

Should Cannabis be legalized? A debate by the experts

Prominent psychiatrists from India participated in a debate moderated by Dr. Abhilash Balakrishnan. The event saw more than 100 registrations!

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-21 at 4.08.12 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-04-21 at 4.10.34 PM.jpeg

World Mental Health Month Celebration

We live in an unequal world. Receiving mental health or even health support is a privilege in the world, where there should be equality in access. We celebrated World Mental Health Day and its theme for the year “Mental Health in an Unequal world” at Therapeute by conducting various events that examine our privilege and our inequalities in an effort to finding paths to greater equity!

Let's learn to be mindful

Image by Jared Rice
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Being in love & still being my own person 

Image by Rowan Chestnut

Stories of womanhood

Skills training workshop for therapists 

Couples Therapy

4 -5 March 

6 - 7:30 pm IST 

Workshop for mental health professionals 

Image by Mayur Gala

Working with stories in therapy 

Skills training workshop for therapists 

Image by Annie Spratt

Reflective Practice Group 


11th & 25th March  

6 - 7 pm IST 

Facilitator : Dr. Hargun Ahluwalia  

We Heal Together

Monday | Wednesday | Friday

12 - 3 pm IST 


IPT Level A Course 

7th, 14th, 21st & 28th April

5:30 - 9:30 pm IST 


Dr. Stuart is the director of the International IPT Institute. 

The talk is a prelude to the IPT Level A course in India. It will include a lecture by Dr Stuart followed by Q & A 

11th February 8 pm IST 

Registration fee - Rs 500 

Past Events: Mental Health for all 2020 

Image by Dim Hou

We are looking into the future & we are taking you with us 

Our newsletter looks at what the year 2022 has been for Therapeute and what we have to offer in the year 2022. 

We are grateful for the year gone by and for everyone who has supported Therapeute's journey. 

Read the newsletter here

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