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Relaxation Exercises

Image by Toa Heftiba

Muscle Relaxation:

2 - step process of tensing & relaxing our muscles

  • Sit or recline comfortably with your eyes closed.

  • Tense up one set of muscles, for example, arms or legs.

  • Now let them go limp. if you do this effectively, the contrast between tensed and relaxed should show you what relaxed feels like- you want to remember that feeling

  • ​Move on to another set of muscles such as your back, stomach or face.

  • Now let them go limp. Notice the relaxed feeling. Try to hang on to it.

  • Repeat for all muscle groups.

Body Scan Meditation: 

  • Lie on your back, legs uncrossed, arms relaxed at your sides, eyes open or closed. Focus on your breathing for about 2 minutes until you start to feel relaxed.

  • Focus on your toes of your right foot. Notice any sensations there while also focussing on your breathing.

  • Imagine each deep breath flowing to your toes. Remain focused on this area for 3 to 5 seconds. 

  • Move your focus to the sole of your right foot. Tune in to any sensations you feel in that part of your body  

  • Repeat for each body part moving upwards.

  • Pay close attention to any area of the body that causes you pain or discomfort.

  • After completing the body scan, relax for a while in silence and stillness, noting how your body feels. Then slowly open your eyes and stretch, if necessary.

Image by Chris Ensey

Dr. Hargun Ahluwalia demonstrates how to use our imagination to feel relaxed. 

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