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Healthy relationships are crucial for our psychological well-being. They have the potential to aid in our growth & development.

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Healthy relationships have a few things in common: ​​

  • These relationships feel safe 

  • Partners have feelings of respect for each other

  • There is trust, emotional engagement, open communication, & respectful disagreements

  • Partners share a common goal for exactly what they want the relationship to be and how they want it to grow.

Video Resources

When is a good time to start dating? 

Dr Fasli Sidheek discusses what are boundaries in relationships and how to have healthy boundaries.

Toxic : Relationships that hurt 

Dr Fasli Sidheek, takes us through what it means to experience abuse in a relationship, how we can identify the signs and what we can do from there..

How can we strive to make our relationships better? 

  • Work towards resolving conflicts either by initiation or by cooperation 

  • People can & will be different. Understand the core values that are important to you & see if they match your partners values 

  • Expecting your partner to fix your life’s problems can seem unfair.

  • Both give and take in relationships is extremely important. 

  • Relationship can be unbalanced if one partner does too much.

  • Have an identity outside of the relationship by engaging with friends, family and pursuing your hobbies

Contributed by: Fasli Sidheek, Clinical psychologist & Co - founder at Therapeute 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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