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Being part of a mentorship group

A lot can be said about the power of good mentorship. The teaching and guidance that we receive as part of our training is a testament to it. Unfortunately most of us lose access to it once our formal education is over. It is difficult to find a space that can help in achieving our goals. Multiple questions plague us - where to start because I feel so behind, how do I find the time or motivation to drive the wants, what do I change in life to make sure I get there and how do I ensure I'm able to stay on track! Here is where peer mentorship became my guiding star.

I signed up for mentorship in a group of peers and we explored my sense of professional identity and where I see myself going. It helped me introspect about myself deeply. The best part of the experience was the group where I was super comfortable, where I was sure there would be no judgement. The mentorship group was a safe space where we all reflected together. They were my personal cheerleaders but ensured that constructive feedback was constant.

The sense of accountability to someone other than ourselves or even to be able to share the joys of smaller victories with someone who can actually understand the effort made it really worth my while!

Dr Athulya is a Clinical Psychologist & a Co-Founder at Therapeute. She is part of our monthly mentorship groups.

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