What is Therapy? 

We hope the following questions and their answers provide some clarity about what therapy is. Please feel free to email your own questions to us at admin@therapeute.in. We will try out best to answer them as soon as we can !

Therapy is a treatment for mental health problems by a therapist. And a therapist is someone who has been trained to help with these problems. In therapy, the therapist establishes a relationship with the client that is accepting and non - judgmental. Therapy provides a space for safety and growth.

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What happens in sessions?

  • While some therapists have a couch in their offices where the client can lie on, other have comfy chairs !! At Therapeute, therapy sessions are held online.

  • Generically, a session is for 50 minutes and sessions are held weekly. Sessions with couples and families may last longer.

  • In a session, there can be broadly 3 parts.

    • The 1st part includes a discussion about how the past week went and what challenges were experienced.

    • The 2nd part involves a discussion of important issues at the moment through an analysis of emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

    • The 3rd part involves planning for the week ahead.

How does confidentiality work?

  • What you discuss with your therapist, stays between the both of you and does not get discussed with anyone else.

  • The therapist may discuss aspects of the sessions in his/her supervision but even then, no identifying details are shared.

  • However, there are certain situations in which confidentiality needs to be broken. These situations include:

  1. A danger to the client or others - if the therapist believes that you may harm yourself or others, then he/ she may need to inform a family member, a significant other or an authority

  2. If your case records are subpoenaed by the court

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