Who are we? 

 An organization for advanced training of mental health professionals as well as dissemination of mental health awareness.


We are a team of friends, colleagues, mental health professionals all trained from

National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS), India.

Our vision is to make mental health conversations & services more accessible!

We want to build a community that feels safe in talking about mental health. Grounded in reflective practice, we strive to create a space where one can focus on professional and personal growth.

Join us in this journey forward by sending us your questions and thoughts, and becoming a part of the Therapeute community. 

Our Team 

For more information on our team, check out the about section

What we do 

We have a team of trained clinical psychologists who conduct therapy sessions online 

Our consultant psychiatrist holds online consultations to discuss medications & second opinions

Mental Health Awareness

Psychiatry Consults

Therapy Sessions

We conduct webinars & workshops on mental health with people from all walks of life 

Training for MHPs

We work with mental health workers to enhance reflective practice and skill building. 

Psychotherapy group formulation series


Starting this September join us in learning in groups to hypothesize and understand client's difficulties drawing from the various schools of psychological theory. 


Click here to sign up now or email us at events@therapeute.in 

Formulate the case!

Upcoming Events

Psychotherapy Group

Formulation Series

Session 1

Introduction to formulation


Psychotherapy Group

Formulation Series

Session 2

Psychotherapy formulation for depression


Psychotherapy Group

Formulation Series

Session 3

Psychotherapy formulation for depression



Ethics in Psychotherapy






Coming soon

Helping Hands

World suicide prevention day


Some thoughts penned by therapists